Charter bus rental in the time of COVID-19: Comfort Express Inc provides personal bus accommodations for small private groups

Many of us are having hard times due to coronavirus pandemic rapidly spreading all over the world and, unfortunately, New York is not an exception. Especially the measure of problem is visible when it comes to getting around the city and commuting to work.  Inconsistency of public transport along with continuous fear of catching the virus makes it difficult to be able to think clearly.

In response to COVID-19, Comfort Express Inc. is taken on the following protocols:

  • Bus Cleaning

    We understand that hygiene is of the utmost importance, that is why we are working diligently to exceed all CDC and local government regulations for all cleaning procedures.
  • Social Distancing

    To ensure health and safety, drivers are mandated to wear any required personal protective equipment in order to comply with all NYC DOT, CDC and local government regulations.
  • Driver Safety

    To enforce social distancing, all passengers are to follow local government regulations.


In response to COVID-19, our charter bus company is ready to provide you with top-notch ground transportation service through New York without risk to your health. Safety and well-being of our passengers are the foremost priorities of our motor coach service, so we take all the possible precautionary measures to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. 

It goes without saying, that COVID-19 considerably altered our lives, however, it is important to stay calm and do not panic. Our specialists are ready to provide you with additional information round the clock so do not hesitate and book your bus today. 

Get Around New York Safely 

We put lots of effort to protect our passengers from getting infected through implementation of considerable measures and restrictions that are necessary to keep in mind when it comes to safety of people’s health. In context of coronavirus, there are a few main risks that you may face while getting around New York in public transport: large numbers of people can easily contribute to COVID-19 transmission through respiratory droplets or through contaminated surfaces. Moreover, public transport staff are at the greatest risk to get ill too.

buses for small private groups

Our superb bus rental company offers safe and reliable bus shuttles for small private groups. There is no need to be nervous as we take all the required measures to eliminate even the slightest possibility of coronavirus transmission: 

  • The number of passengers is significantly restricted, which means that we will shuttle only small groups of people through New York provided that no one of them has any symptoms of COVID-19. Reduced number of passengers will also ensure social distancing and will help to avoid excessive crowding. 
  • Our passengers, as well as our drivers, are required to put on face masks before getting on board to reduce spreading of COVID-19 and minimize the risk of getting infected.
  • We ensure regular cleaning and thorough disinfection of frequently touched surfaces inside the buses with neutral detergent and a reliable disinfectant after every road trip. 
  • We will provide a high level of ventilation in our bus shuttles during the whole ride by opening windows. 

Comfortable Charter Bus Trip 

Renting your personal bus charter in New York allows you to get to the needed destination quickly and without delays. We will help you to pick the most suitable bus shuttle for your group, so you will be able to forget about stress and irritation while getting to the intended place. Our professional bus driver will arrive strictly at the designated time to take you wherever you need. Moreover, our skillful specialists will plan your itinerary in compliance with your requests allowing you to travel around New York in the relaxed atmosphere even in the time of pandemic. 

Our vehicles feature a wide range of modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, reclining seats, power outlets, air conditioning, TV screens, DVD players, etc. 

We guarantee thorough disinfection of our bus shuttles before and after every trip and take considerable protective measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and provide our passengers with safe ride. Our charter bus rental service takes care of your health and does all the best to minimize any risk of getting infected.