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Comfort Express Inc is a leading bus rental company dedicated to providing superb ground transportation through the high standards of performance. We guarantee reliable and safe transportation of our clients in New York City and other areas allowing them to relax and savor every minute of their ride.

From corporate events, team transfers to escorted tours, from school field trips, family reunions to wedding parties - we are ready to provide you with a perfect shuttle that will deliver any number of people to the desired destination in no time. Our friendly reservation specialists work round the clock, so if you need any additional information concerning bus rentals, we are always ready to answer your questions and help you to pick the most suitable option. Do not delay, and book your trip today!

Comfort Express Inc is a bus charter company operating in New York City.

For the past 12 years, we have provided individual and corporate transportation across the United States United States of America and Canada, as well as fascinating tours and best bus services in New York City.

Whenever you are looking for a bus rental, Comfort Express Inc is the perfect solution. You can trust our bus company whenever you travel alone or in a group. We provide secure transportation for everyone irrespective of the groups' size to and from events and near-by areas.

Comfort Express Inc places a high value on ground transportation. We pride ourselves on the high standards of service that we maintain. With a mission to provide exceptional service, we offer only safe and timely bus charter in New York with professional and courteous drivers behind the wheel.

We keep up with technology, all of our bus transportation are state-of-the-art. More so, when driving with us you will be able to spend less. We provide the best deals and our prices are lower than those of competitors. Booking with Comfort Express Inc is an ideal option for group transportation. Each time you plan a trip with a group, consider booking with Comfort Express to enjoy your ride.

If any questions arise or you would like to book a trip with us, feel free to call us at 718-928-4258, 718-513-3697

Why Choose Bus Charters from Comfort Express Charters Inc

Best Service in New York City

Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best in Class charter bus solutions, disciplined culture of safety, service, and trust.


We have established a strong presence in the transportation industry. Our award-winning services earn a reputation for quality and excellence that few can rival.

Safety & Security

Safety for our customers and motoring public will always remain our primary focus in all the policies, procedures and programs .

You can freely contact us if you need bus transportation to hotels, amusement parks, casinos and more. We will also help you get to and from New York Airports. We work 24/7, so you may call us any time of day or night to order luxury transportation to and from corporate events, company outings, weddings, proms, casino trips, or any other special events. Our friendly customer service is always ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding bus rental.

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Our customers are our most valuable asset, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information about services or quotes.

Traveling from New York City with no limits: a few things to know about a charter bus

When even the slightest possibility to escape the rat race of the busy city appears, lots of people are eager to pack their bags and set off for a pleasant trip. They want to pay money and be sure, that nothing is going to spoil so highly anticipated holiday. That’s why the event planner needs to be extremely conscious while organizing a group trip for people, as lots of important nuances should be taking into consideration. 

Of course, nowadays there's a variety of options for transporting the tourists, but only one of them guarantees the most efficient, convenient as well as a reliable way to reach the desired spot and that’s a charter bus. 

Recently, a charter bus, as a way to travel, has gained considerable popularity among the tourists from New York City and no wonder: its main feature is a high level of comfort and affordability. Since some people may suffer from fear of height, a charter bus from our company Comfort Express Inc (which is located in New York) is a perfect way to enjoy the trip from different perspectives without being nervous.  

Tourists just need to equip themselves with the camera, put on headphones and let the trip to begin. If you’re still doubting whether renting a charter bus for group travel from New York City is a good idea, then here are a few useful things for you to know. 


Definition of a Charter Bus 

So, what is a charter bus? Generally, it’s a large coach hired by the person or the organization to transport people to different places. They’re often used while arranging various kinds of group trips to provide people with the comfortable mean of transport to deliver them safely to the desired destinations. Actually, there’re several types of motorcoach rentals for trips and each of them possesses some slight differences:

  • minibus is smaller than a typical charter bus, as it accommodates around 30 passengers. Seats there’re located in rows forming a wide aisle in the middle of the bus. If you aren’t supposed to go for a long-distance, then a minibus is a great option for you, although it doesn’t feature a restroom; 
  • party bus capacity includes 35 passengers. It’s extremely convenient for throwing an awesome party on wheels. Unlike minibus, party bus seats aren’t arranged in rows allowing you to hang out with friends or even dance to your favorite songs directly inside the bus; 
  • entertainer bus can hold up to 12 people. Celebrities often choose an entertainer bus if they have to go for a long tour around the country. It’s like a movable hotel room usually furnished with all the required facilities needed for a tedious journey. 
  • charter bus is the biggest type of motorcoach, as it accommodates more than 36 tourists. Generally, it’s hired for long-distance trips, so it features some additional types of amenities, including the luggage space as well as the restroom. 

There’s a wide range of charter buses to choose from, but almost all of them have an extremely alluring appearance. Huge windows allow the tourists to capture each moment of the trip, while large, convenient seats provide passengers with the perfect opportunity to have a nap within a few hours. Some full-sized buses are even supplied with the bathrooms allowing the driver to cover long distances without making additional stops. Also, don’t be afraid that people may take too much stuff: there’re special storage bays for luggage as well as special overhead bins for bags and small backpacks. 


Available Amenities 

Lots of people consider traveling by a charter bus extremely boring, and they can’t imagine themselves spending long hours just staring through the window, looking at the passing cars or trying to guess the profession of the person sitting nearby. They’re terribly mistaken because contemporary buses are filled with a vast range of amenities, specially provided to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Of course, their types depend on the charter bus model, but in general, there’re soft cushioned seats, air conditioning which prevents passengers from suffocation during the hot seasons as well as a tiny bathroom. Also, you may find TV monitors placed in front of you and the DVD players, so as you will be absorbed by a thrilling moving, time will pass very quickly. 

Bus Charter Wifi Bus Charter Luggage Bus Charter Outlets Bus Charter Reclining Seats Bus Charter Restroom Bus Charter TV


An Internet Connection and Phone Charger

Modern people can’t imagine themselves without gadgets, and if it goes about spending a few hours in the bus, the idea of being unable to post the photo on Instagram immediately, sounds catastrophic. Nowadays, charter buses offer their passengers a wireless internet connection, and even if your phone battery is dead, you can easily charge it, as there’re power outlets available. For people, it’s extremely important to keep in touch with the others, so it’s necessary to book a bus with the above-mentioned amenities. Besides, watching a few funny videos on the Internet is quite entertaining while having a long trip. 


Special Facilities for People with Disabilities

Before renting a charter bus in New York, you need to think in advance whether there’re people with disabilities in the group. It’s very important because not all the buses are specially equipped with wheelchair lifts as well as wheelchair-accessible coaches, so you will need to take care of all the necessary facilities to make the trip for your clients as pleasant as possible. However, don’t worry: bus companies usually have special handicap buses, so you can request one if needed. 

Choosing a Bus Company in New York City

So, you’ve taken into consideration all the advantages of the charter bus, and finally made your mind to organize an exciting group trip, but how to choose the reliable bus company? The quality of the tour depends significantly on the bus service provider you may choose, that’s why it’s vital to make a reasonable decision. The task might be quite tricky, but here are a few suggestions for you to bear in mind:

  • Service quality. Be wise and make your own research. There’re various bus services available, but not all of them are as good as it may be stated. Read the reviews and try to stick only to those having high rank, positive feedbacks, and a good reputation. 
  • Emergency control measures. It’s highly important to take care of the safety of your passengers, in case of an unpredictable situation. Everything can happen and if you don’t want to hear people demanding furiously their money back for spoiled trip, ensure that the company will provide you with the rescue bus in case of emergency. 
  • Condition of the fleet. Trustworthy companies with the top service won’t allow their clients to travel in an old, rusty vehicle. A horrible charter bus can easily destroy even the greatest holidays, so before choosing one, have a look at the condition of the bus coaches and the general look of the bus. It should meet your expectations.

Benefits of a Charter Bus NY

Traveling by a charter bus from NY has a lot of positive features allowing you to transfer even the most exhausting trip into a pleasant experience. Modern buses are supplied with all the facilities needed to provide people with comfort and convenience, so you won’t suffer from the lack of fresh air or not enough space for your legs. You’re able to create your own itinerary and make an independent trip to the most distant places. Just find the people, who would like to join you, and enjoy your journey. 

It’s up to you how to travel, but it becomes clear why more and more people give preference to charter buses. So, now you’re equipped with vital information that will help you to make the right decision. 

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